Notices -

Tuesday 9th of August, 2022

Meeting / Practices Location When Staff
All Girls Soccer Practice Lower Field Tue 9 Aug 3:00 ROG
  Training this afternoon on the lower field. We are playing for 3rd position on Wednesday. Try hard to attend.

Seniors English Scholarship Squad M3 Tue 26 Jul 3pm DNV
  A reminder that there is an English Scholarship Squad practice session in M3 afterschool on Tuesday.

Notices Staff
All Being on Time WTN
  Move quickly and quietly to class on the first bell. All students should have their books out, bags on the floor, ready to learn by the second bell.

All Debating HRT
  A new and much more informal debating opportunity is coming up this term just within our school. If you would like to debate other OC students (and maybe teachers!) in lunchtimes, please see Mr Hart or Mr Vickers to express interest. This group is open to anyone from any year group.

All Free Lunches Survey RBT
  A Survey regarding our Free Lunches has been sent to all students email addresses. Please complete the survey by Friday the 12th of August.

All Year 11 Leadership Camp RBT
  Students going to the Y11 Leadership Camp stay behind after Year Level Assembly today to meet with Mr Roberts.